How to Stop an Overflowing Toilet


An overflowing toilet can be able to bring some diseases with it and thus why you should take some measures to avoid it at any cost. The following are steps which can be used to curb the situation;

Step 1: Turn off the Water Valve

Most toilets have a supply line that should be located around the bottom part of the bowl. Once you spot the valve, turn it off as quickly as possible. If you can’t seem to find the valve in time, move on to the next best thing you can do. CheckĀ to learn more.

Step 2: Take off the Tank Cover

The first thing you should do is to press down on the flapper valve, a rubber piece at the bottom center of the tank. Next, look for the floater, which usually looks like a plastic ball or cup. Lift the floater high enough to make the water stop running.

Step 3: Fix the Floater

Adjust the floater mechanism so that the floater sits much lower in the toilet tank. This ensures that the tank will fill with less water, preventing any future overflows. Look for the chain attached to the floater, and make sure that it is not broken or tangled, either.

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Step 4: Watch the Bowl

The water level should start to drop slowly but surely. Once it’s back to normal, it should be safe to let go of the floater. However, keep an eye on the bowl and make sure that no overflow occurs. If it happens again, lift up the floater once more and turn off the toilet’s water valve.

Step 5: Remove Excess Water

Most of the time, toilet overflow is caused by blockages in the drain. First, put on your rubber gloves and remove the excess water using a small cup or bucket. If the water is clean, pour that excess water into the sink. If it’s dirty, keep it in a plastic bucket in the meantime. You can flush it back down the toilet once you’ve fixed the toilet.

Step 6: Unclog the Toilet

Get a toilet plunger, and align it over the hole in the center of the toilet. Then, push down slowly to apply light pressure. Gradually pick up the pace, pushing down harder each time, until you dislodge whatever is blocking the drain.

Step 7: Test Your Toilet

Turn the water valve back on and keep an eye on the toilet bowl. If the water level goes back to normal, then you’ve solved the problem. If it doesn’t, it may be time to call in professional plumbing service.

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If you have more than one toilet in your home, take some time to check if the other toilets are overflowing as well. If only one toilet has the issue, then it should be an isolated incident.

However, if more than one toilet is affected, your whole system’s drain may be clogged. If it looks like you have overflowing toilet plumbing, consider asking help from a plumber to fix it all up. If you make use of the above tips, you will be able to curb cases of an overflowing toilet.

Heating up your home during winter


The winter is a great time when families spend time together and enjoy the holidays. But the evenings can sometimes be cold, and if you have kids, you will need a heater to warm the house before you can turn in for the night. In fact, this season is one of the most expensive when it comes to energy consumption. Central heating can be an expensive affair, and that is why you need to consider the following:


There are many options for heating a home. You can have centralĀ heating which runs on gas, propane or any other combustible fuel. It works by heating air through a heat exchange systems which sucks in cold air and blows out the heated air throughout the house. This method is rather expensive and can leave you with a massive energy bill.

Room heaters

Many electrical room heaters will be good for warming up a single room, but they too will add quite a bit to your electricity bill and are not too far for central heating. But there are a few models that use a unique technology that can help warm up the rooms in a house but not add too much to your energy bill.

Infrared heaters

These are unique units that can help you warm up a room without emptying your pocket. These heaters use infrared light which is not visible to the human eye to heat the things in a room. Once that happens, the warmth is emitted to the air in the area.

Other models

Heaters come in many shapes and sizes, and some of them are elegant like the Lasko 6435 and will fit into your home’s decor nicely. This particular model rotates and spreads the warmth around in all directions. There are also heaters that blow warm air during the winter and cold air during the summer. The units are stylish and will fit into any decor in your home.


These heaters are much better than central heating because they are energy efficient and will also do a good job of warming up the room that they are placed in. You will not have to heat the entire house anymore, and therefore you will save a lot of money on your energy bills. Buy one of these room heaters and enjoy the cold winter months in your warm, cozy home.



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