Types Of Carpet Cleaning That You Need To Know


Selecting a carpet cleaning for your business or even for you home requires that you have some knowledge about the whole process. This will go a long way in making sure that you credible carpet cleaning services from those companies that specialize in this particular field. After all, they say that knowledge is power. Here is are types of carpet cleaning services that you can find in the modern market.

Hot water extraction zsdfgju

Hot water extraction cleaning is a method that most carpet cleaning companies use. In this method, high pressured water is used to make to advocate for the agitation of the carpet and also dissolving of the dirt.
The process involves making use of a cleaning agent to dissolve that dirt after which scrapping is done. The scrapping is meant to make sure that all stains are removed before the carpet is rinsed. It is important to understand a carpet cleaning equipment does this process. Rug and carpet cleaning services need to be left exclusively to professionals.

Carpet Shampooing

This technique was once very popular until the encapsulation method was introduced. Carpet shampooing can be used to clean very soiled carpets. However, the method has some disadvantages like for instance, a carpet that has been cleaned through this method is likely to have a high amount of wet form left behind. These wet residue foams normally take a lot of time to dry. Another disadvantage that is associated with this technique is that after the drying of the carpet, it develops some sickness. This is because there is no rinsing done after the cleaning of the carpet. It is this two disadvantages that make this method less popular.


This technique makes use of synthetic detergents to loosen dirt particle on the carpet making the cleaning process easier and efficient. The loosened dirt particles dry off and are therefore vacuumed or brushed to ensure that the carpet is as clean as it was when you bought it.

Bonnet cleaning

dxfghoiBonnet cleaning is in fact considered one of the most effective technique for carpet cleaning. This is because it involves cleaning of the top part of carpet fiber by making use of a heavy motorized machine. There is no much moisture in this process, and that, therefore, means that the drying process is quick.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is also known as compound cleaning. It is used widely because of the fact that it does not require drying. Dry carpet cleaning involves making use of a biodegradable compound that is capable of dissolving dirt and remove it thoroughly.